Can I give away free licenses for my app?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by GuyZ, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. GuyZ, Jan 5, 2011
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    I didn't find very helpful information regarding this topic on google. I read that I can give my app as a gift, but as I understand I will then have to pay for it.

    In any case, can I give free licenses to my app/game? If so, does apple limit me in that respect (to a certain quota perhaps?)

    Another question I have is regarding the updating process of an existing app. After having your app accepted by Apple, how frequently am I allowed to update it, and how long does it take until the update is reviewed and published.

    I know that the initial process could take a few days, and I'm wondering if a similar process occurs with every minor update.

    Thanks for any answers,

    EDIT: Just to make things clear. I know I have a limited amount of promo codes, but I wonder if this has changed, or if there's a better mechanism to do this. The reason I'm asking is because my app allows others to add content, similar to Wikipedia, and I want to encourage people to add content by offering them the app for free.
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    What you're looking for is 'promotional codes'. In itunes connect, open your app up, open the current version details, and you should see promo codes on the right. You can hand out up to 50 codes for each version of each app. (ah, just saw your edit, but I guess I answered it..)

    You can update as often as you want, but I'd say "don't abuse it" - i.e. don't update as often as possible with trivial changes like typo fixes. If you're adding content or features or fixing bugs I think just go for it.

    My recent updates have taken 3-4 days. "True NightVision" update was submitted 1st January, released 4th. "UK VAT Converter" update submitted 3rd January, went into review a few hours ago so will be released tonight or tomorrow. Make that 2-3 days.

    This is right after the holidays too, I don't know if apple hired in extra staff for a short time or if they've improved a lot, but updates used to take ~7 days before!

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