Can I jailbreak iPhone 3GS with OS4.1, firmware 5.13.04?


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Oct 11, 2009
Honolulu, HI
Can I do this or is it not out yet? Sorry, I'm not really up to date with all the jailbreak stuff and it seems sort of confusing at times. I have an iphone4 but my sister wants to buy my previous iphone 3gs. I never had it jailbroken/unlocked as I was on AT&T and my sister is on T-mobile. Is this possible now or is it not out yet? Also, is it almost guarantee that a new jailbreak/unlock will come out for those who never previously jailbroken their iphone 3gs with OS4.1? I'm going to sell it to her soon and she wants me to ensure her that it is likely that a new jailbreak software will be out for those who upgraded and never jailbroke their iphone 3GS. I will tell her NOT to upgrade after I jailbreak it and of course, she knows this now.


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Oct 31, 2008
You can't :) Welcome to the 250 mile waiting line I'm in too, I'll come soon, many peeps are waiting for it
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