Can I just swap newer (ie: higher capacity) HDDs into my LaCie 2Big External Drive?


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Sep 8, 2007

I have an older LaCie, 2Big, 6TB (2x3TB), Raid (capable) External Hard Drive.
It is currently set to Raid 0, so it's just essentially 2 HDDS in an external casing.

I've seen YouTube videos where people just switch out the drives for newer, higher capacity drives (but only saw it then connected to a PC, not a Mac).

Is it as easy as that...just buy 2 higher capacity, same manufacturer drives, swap them in, and boot up the External Drive/Enclosure and it'll iMac will see the "LaCie" as a (hopefully, now) 10 TB external drive?

If not, why not, and what else would be involved to accomplish this?

Is there a max (per bay) capacity I'd be limited to, and if so, how would I find out what that is?

Also, somebody in one of the videos said that I had to buy the same manufacturer and model or else the drives wouldn't be recognized upon that true?


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Jun 16, 2015
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I can't answer your question definitively, but I will tell you about my experience. I have a couple of LaCie 1TB disk enclosures that I picked up off Craigslist for next to nothing. They are so old that they actually consist of four 250GB Seagate drives internally. Naturally, one of them started failing after a while. I opened it up, saw that there were Seagate 250GB drives inside, and diagnosed which of them was failing by connecting each to another computer and interrogating the SMART data from the drive. I replaced the failed drive with a Seagate drive of the same vintage and part number... but the enclosure didn't like the replacement drive and refused to work. I think your situation might be a bit different, in that your enclosure likely supports both RAID0 and RAID1 modes, and that would seem to allow for differences in the drives. I would give it a go, and in the worst case you'll have to buy a new enclosure like the OWC Mercury Elite Dual.