Can I market my app before I submit it to the App Store?

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by hans112, Jul 29, 2014.

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    We are working on our first app and I'm responsible for the marketing. We plan to launch it in about one month and I know the importance of pre-marketing. I've created a website to get email subscribers before the launch and want to start marketing right away. But since the app isn't finished, it hasn't been submitted to the App Store yet, and won't be submitted for another two weeks.

    I'm not worried that someone will steal my idea if I start marketing it now (people will probably do that later anyway and it will take time for them), what I'm worried about is that someone will steal our app name by submitting some kind of app fast before us since the app name is really good. What do you think, should I be worried about this? Can there only be one app with the same name? Is there anything I can do to protect the name (it's not a registered trademark) during the two weeks before we submit it to the App Store?
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Well trade marking takes a lot of time, sure longer then 2 weeks, so that won't solve my current question.
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    Create your app in iTunes Connect, then upload your binary later. You have 180 days to upload the binary if I remember right, and creating the app in iTunes Connect 'locks in' the name - nobody else can use the same one after that.
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    Create and submit an app to the App store.

    Even a rejected dummy app will lock in the name, seemingly forever. Or better yet, make a dummy app good enough to get approved, but set it for sale only in one tiny country where no one buys apps. Then you will have a live App store page you can test and link to. Update to the real app and make available worldwide when ready.

    A registered trademark might be useful against apps with similar names as well. Depends on the jurisdiction.
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    Thanks guys. I've done what cambookpro said, I've created the app in iTunes Connect but not uploaded any app files yet. It says "Status: Prepare for Upload". That should be good enough to lock in the name right (seems that way to me)? I don't have to actually submit any app for now to lock in the name? A dummy app like firewood is talking about is just if I want to lock it in forever right (currently I just need to lock it in for 2 weeks)?
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    It's not like a domain where somebody could turn a profit selling the name back to you. I say go for it, the risk of someone going to the effort just to steal your name (for very little benefit) is so small it's not something that should keep you up at night.
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    The way Apple ranks title words in search its better to have a long title anyways.

    For example if your app is called "Video Editor" you might as well call it "Video Editor - photo, picture, movie, editing tool"

    Its pretty gross but it will give you an advantage.
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    Thanks for the heads up. But how does that work exactly? Because I've read that there is no need to have your name in the keyword section. Is that true, I mean if I put "photo" in the name then there is no need for me to stick it in the keyword section? In that case, does the App Store weight name or words in the keyword section more (which is better for my main keywords)? If they weight the same and I only need a keyword in one place, then having keywords in the title is just a way for me to clear up space in my keywords section right?

    Another question, is the more keywords you have the better? I've seen that a lot of big apps only have like 3-4 keywords. Does App Store give more weight to keywords if you have fewer (you rank better for the once you have, put only rank for a few)?
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    You've seen the keywords for some big apps? How?
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