Can I move iTunes downloads from my iMac to MBPr w/SD card?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Turnpike, Apr 28, 2017.

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    I'm in an area working where there is no real internet. So re-downloading shows and movies I watch (over and over) isn't an option.

    I have 80+GB of movies and TV shows that I downloaded on my iMac.

    I'd like to move them to my MBPro. There's room on it, and that's where I will watch them and can take them with me.

    My question is this: Can I move the iTunes purchases to an SD card and then move that to the MBPro? Or will that corrupt the file or are there some limitations because of the iTunes protection?

    Or if there's an easier, simpler way to do this, please let me know that too.

    Thank you!
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    That'll work. You'll need to "authorise" the MBP (iTunes will walk you through this) in order to play the copy-protected content, but there is no risk of corruption.

    If you can put both computers on the same network then you can also copy the files by using the Home Sharing feature in iTunes.

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