Can I save a DVD to my Hard Drive?

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    I have a DVD that i want to save to my hard drive and be able to watch it. It's a DVD that i own, and I dont want to make copies.
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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Oct 9, 2003
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    I have noticed that playing a movie from vob files on my HD is often much smoother than from the orginal DVD. This is most noticable with DVDs that are dual layer, scratched or were poorly mastered. My HD is also much quieter than my DVD drive. I don't bother with backing up to a DVD-R unless the original DVD I own is already in very bad shape. I never use a CD-R for backup because I don't want to lose any picture quality at all if possible.
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    Oct 13, 2003
    The DVD has to be opened in DVD player first to unlock it first I believe.

    Then there's a extra protection scheme that won't allow changing of a region code, so once you get done some movies won't play. Then you have to start over.

    I always keep the region code the same as the DVD instead of "any" just in case.

    You can find the DVD region codes by searching Google, #1 is USA....

    My needs are personal anyway, Netflix is so inexpensive and easy.

    $20 a month and you can easily watch a movie a night. Especially if you "time shift" by making a temporary recording to your hd.

    Movies don't have the repeat aspect like music does. And it's a Federal offense to peddle copies, not worth it for the few dollars you get. DVD-R's cost quite a bit as well.

    You will need other software to take the large movie files and reduce the quality and size to fit upon a 4.7 GB standard DVD-R and Toast to burn them.

    Some movie DVD's come double sided and even double density. Holding way over the 4.7GB.

    It's not profitable, it takes a hour to transfer the DVD movie to a copy, then about a half a hour per burn thereafter.

    Then you got to hustle people to buy and they won't pay alot seeing it's a copy.

    Then someone with a grudge will call the Fed's on you.

    So if your thinking along this route save yourself the trouble and the police record.

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