Can i stream my files from my computer to an Apple TV else where other than my house?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aziatiklover, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I was just wondering if i can take my Apple TV when traveling and still stream from my mac at home? Especially with the new firmware and the new Apple TV that has the "COMPUTER" app which u can stream whatever content right?
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    the computer "app" is not new (nor is it an app, really more of a menu), it's how you access the existing libraries on your computers from the :apple:TV2, it just has a pretty picture now instead of words.
    in what was announced today, they didn't add any new features, just changed the menu layout, and added support for higher quality video.

    getting a connection between an appleTV and a computer on a remote network, probably won't work, you might be able to

    another problem is the upstream bandwidth at your house. chances are you won't be able to play any sort of decent quality video.
    a 43 minute SD show from itunes is about 540MB.
    the average Upstream connection in the US is 595 kb/s (or about 75 KB/s)
    at that speed, it would take about 2 hours to upload the movie.

    you will be able to re-download and watch stuff that you've bought from apple.

    or look into jailbreaking and installing Plex. Which won't work on the files you got from apple, but will transcode any files you have to fit on the bandwidth available.
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    As noted above, bandwidth really limits what you can do from home to elsewhere. You can use "air video server" to get the functionality you asked about (with the understanding that the iOS device would receive the data stream from the home source and then use local airplay to play video on remote (out of home) ATV). I've tried it and it doesn't really work well.

    If it is something you bought with iTunes, then just use iCloud to stream files wherever you are.
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    Thanx for the infos guys. I thought that i would be able to stream any content stored in my mac mini. Like how i stream from my ps3 with orbit. Damn so i guess no apple tv for me.
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    I don't think it matters what device you attempt to use. Home internet services have comparatively poor upload bandwidth. So trying to use a computer as a streaming media server over WAN will be of limited practical use. Of course it is a different story between devices within the home network (LAN). The ATV is meant to stream media from a local device/computer.
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    As has been discussed, upload bandwidth is key. However, if you do have it (I avg 20-25 Mbps using Verizon FIOS), you can use Air Video or PLEX on an iPad or iPhone and play on the :apple:TV via AirPlay. I have used both and personally prefer PLEX.
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    Just use your iPad. heck go nuts and get the TV cable for it.

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