Can I use my iPhone 3G's sims card in a different iPhone 3G?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by capitanbuzo, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Jul 17, 2007
    Well, here is my current situation. I currently have a iPhone 3G but just recently cracked the screen. I activated it through AT&T and use its service so it is not a jailbroken iPhone. My friend has a iPhone 3G (also not jailbroken) as well and wishes to sell it because he bought a BlackBerry. As I am not inclined to buy a new iPhone for $500 from AT&T, I would much rather buy this one for $200. Can I switch my iPhone 3G's sims card (which is activated) into his iPhone 3G and have it work? Will I run into any problems when I sync all his data off and replace it with my own from my old iPhone's backup? Also, as I forgot which iPhone 3G he has (8GB or 16GB), but does it matter which type it is for it to work? For example, I have a 8GB version and say he has a 16GB version, would it work fine if I were to swap sims cards (but that brings up the question does it work at all to swap sims cards)? Thanks for the help!
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    Swap them out and hook up to your computer and sync all your info and you will be set. When you swap the sim card to his phone your will be able to call immediately. All of his numbers and info will still show up. Do a restore and use your back up. Then all of your songs and phone numbers will be set.

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