Can Macs conquer the enterprise? The time is ripe ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 10, 2008.

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    When Microsoft ships an office for the Mac that isn't a "Light" version in terms of features and compatibility then I'll believe Macs can conquer the enterprise.
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    Can Macs conquer the enterprise? The time is ripe ...

    To answer the question: Yes, it is possible, but conquering takes time. Open source could widen the grasp of many different markets, but let's not forget that the main competitor in that particular industry has significant difficulty in juggling consumer and commercial segments with the same quality. Apple will have to, as they have always, be selective in what developers are to make substantial leaps in software that will eventually reflect what can or cannot be done well on a Mac. Limiting this number can effectively show where the largest demands are and little by little developers can make first class software to fill the need in that market. Apple may contribute a bit with iWork and whatnot, but the developer that creates a program like Microsoft Access that is completely customizable without code, simply dragging, dropping, clicking and typing will dominate the business world as we know it. People will always long for programs to do more than they have been written to do and they certainly don't want to wait for an update to see if their demand is included in the new build. It may be a sad day for individual programmers, but to keep it on top would take the best programmers in the industry. As always, chew it, like it, or give it back in comment.

    I'm not going to display what equipment I use, you already know I use a Mac and I don't need to showboat. :)
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    Apple would have to fork OS X in order to be a serious contender in commercial markets, let's face it, no company is looking for exposé and iPhoto when they're choosing an operating system. I think Apple would be better off sticking at what it does best - making solid, reliable computers for home users and small professionals - rather than aim for the cubicle farm.
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    I think Apple will conquer the enterprise but it won't necessarily be the way the article is referring to. With each new intake of college grad or office worker who uses a Mac rather than Windows rather than by IT depts who decide to integrate Macs into the work place. With a lot of US schools and colleges now experiencing upwards of 40%+ of students using Macs at school and growing with each semester, this is going to flow through into the work place in the coming years.

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