Can movies from two iTunes accounts serve one Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Number6, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Today the German iTunes store finally got a decent selection of movies for rental and purchase. I am quite satisfied with my US account and I've got dozens of movies still on my wish list but I am tempted to try out the German store for one or two German language movies. My only worry is that this will somehow screw up my iTunes library and I might jeopardize US HD purchases like QoS.

    I know that my Apple TV will stay linked to the US account but does it really matter if I purchase on my iMac and sync/stream to the Apple TV later? Maybe someone from the UK could chime in since they were the first in Europe to get movies outside of the US. Does anyone here run two accounts to one machine?

    My purchased music from the German store (some of it still protected) streams just fine. Could movies be different?

    And btw: the German store has a 48-hour viewing window for rentals as well. It's a non-issue for me but I know many people complain about it so it should be possible for Apple to get their US customers a similar deal.
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    I have two accounts on my apple tv, one says MY music/ movies etc, the other says SHARED. but if your getting movies from the GERMAN itunes store, I don't know about that. Try Netflix. they have alot of foreign movies. Get the movies, rip them to your apple tv, then send them back for more.
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    If by that you mean that you have one iTunes library being synced with your ATV but with movies from different accounts US/German etc, then it will definitely work. Movies will play.

    If you mean to keep separate libraries then you will have to sync one and then stream the other.

    I have different accounts and only one library and all the content works on my ATV.

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