Can someone confirm the capacity of a Macbook Pro Battery?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by redapex, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I have a 2009 spec Macbook Pro 2.53ghz,4gb ram, blah blah blah and the battery went out on me after just a little over a year. "Luckily" I have an extended service plan through BBY in which they cover a replacement battery. Instead of waiting the two week turn around I simply called the GeekSquad and they sent me a new battery. Well, sadly I've noticed this brand new battery only last 2hrs... about as long as my busted OEM Apple Battery. I thought it just needed a few cycles to break in but then I checked the box and noticed it has a maximum capacity of 3600mAh. I have the old battery in my hand it reads part A1322. I cant seem to find the actual capacity for this specific battery but the "Laptop Battery Guide" lists Macbook Pros as having a capacity of 5500mAh. Can someone confirm this? It would definitely be of great help to me.

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    There are two A1322 models: an earlier 60 KWh version for the 2009 models and a 63.5 KWh variant for the newer machines. Both are valid replacements for your machine. The 60 KWh battery has a rated capacity of 5500 mAh, while the newer replacement is rated at 5770 mAh.

    I made the mistake of ordering a replacement battery with e-bay and it arrived in refurbished condition although listed as new and never used! Your best bet is to order one from Apple directly, albeit at a higher price.

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