Can someone explain why the screen on my Macbook is easier on my eyes than

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by east85, Feb 18, 2012.

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    my Windows Laptop? Is this a design intention by Apple? I get headaches when working on my LCD lit Windows (HP) laptop, but I can work for hours on my MacBook at the same brightness and not even get any hint of eye strain or headaches. I used to use programs like Flux to yellow the screen as a means to reduce eye strain, I even installed it on my MacBook, assuming I would need it- but I haven't used it at all.

    My MacBook for reference:
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    Probably the LED screen, allows for much sharper images.
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    I've found that my eyes are very sensitive to LCD quality and the types of displays used. Macs, generally, have never bothered me while even my "very nice" PC's have. I do have a HP EliteBook 8440p with the optional 1600x900 panel that is by no means high quality (it has a terrible blue oversaturation) but it doesn't bother me at all.

    That one did replace a ThinkPad T61p with the optional 1920x1080 panel that I never could get used to.

    My two Macs, listed below, also do not bother me at all. In fact I actually prefer to use the white MacBook on my lap while I prefer the Pro while I'm working at a desk mobile.
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    It's probably the LCD backlight flicker frequency that is too low on your Windows laptop. Try turning the brightness up to maximum on it. That would make the flicker less bad and might lessen your headaches. Additionally you might want to drastically lower the blue in the RGB settings. Blue is very hard on the eyes.
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    HP quality maybe not as good as Sony Vaio or Macbook

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