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Oct 5, 2012
I am an autist, and am stuck in a care home so I have no control over the internet. I have lamented loud and long to both the manager and head office, but nobody cares enough to do anything about it (staff only care about things when they affect them). To someone like me a decent internet connection is pretty much vital.

I have an M1 Max MBP (which gets, at the moment, 25Mbps down - see the problem...?)
My 2017 iPad Pro gets a similar speed to the MBP
However the down speed on my 2020 iPad Pro is almost exactly half that.

All devices are fully updated OS-wise

I thought a workaround would be to switch on app-synching on the 2017, thinking that would cause apps to be download to the other iPad - it doesn't (and, yes, app synching is turn on there too).

All devices are logged into the same iCloud account.
If it matters, Bluetooth sharing is on
All are connected to the same router

The company which runs this dump claims that autism is one of its specialties - BS, they don't have the first fecking clue.

The other day I did a run of 10 speed tests (via the Ookla app) on both my MBP and 2020 iPad. Yesterday the down speed from the iPad was 620Kbps - yes, that's KILOBITS (remind me what decade and millennium this is again). Often up is (considerably) faster than down. I have done the network reset voodoo on the iPad (obviously, it's not done squat)), today it's 540.

I have tried to connect my 2020 to my phone (which is fairly bashed up due to a member of staff deciding to play football with it), but the 2017 iPad will connect to it, the 2020 point-blank refuses (I get 'unable to join the network' the second in try) - anyone shed any light on why that might be too...?

Sometimes it will refuse to connect to the house router. I also often have issues connecting it to my MBP using Handoff/Universal Control. No such issues with the older iPad (which I hardly ever use now). It works for screen mirroring, but I need to use it with UC. Any ideas why there's no issue with the one I don't want to use...?

It feels like these issues are somewhat connected. Need help please.

Thank you

ETA: Two current speed test screenshots


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    Image 22-11-2022 at 15.11.jpeg
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