Can the US and the UK just call a mulligan?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Jun 30, 2016.

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    God. Here we have two Presidential candidates possibly both facing legal proceedings, deeply disliked and frankly, irritating. Worst election choices in my lifetime. Then we have the UK, and the chaos of the Brexit vote...can we both just start over?

    Curiously, there are procedures in both countries to do just that- but they've never been tried, and the ramifications could be considerable.

    So, what should be done?
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    We have more than two presidential candidates, problem is most Americans are low information voters who can't see past the two major crap houses. If you want to end evil stop choosing the lesser one or "punting" as was said in another thread
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    No point till you fix the way candidates are choosen and than selected for president.

    Having an open 1st round with xx candidates an 2nd one with just the frontrunners would eliminate the Trumps an Clintons real quick.

    Neverever gonna happen.
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    The voters certainly had many choices in the early days of the primaries. The Republican turnout has been said to be record-setting. Trump represents a change from business as usual and business as usual is anathema to many people.

    The Democratic turnout has been said to be lower than in past election cycles. Clinton is obviously business as usual, with the added negative of warhawk-itis. Sanders is less business as usual, but the arithmetic of his freebies does not work out at all--not when we're already nearing $20 trillion in debt.
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    In the first few primaries they did, but by the time it got around to the states with the majority of the population including my own it was almost over. We need to have one national primary and then follow up with runoff elections if no one gets a majority.
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    I agree, but how do I do that?
  7. thermodynamic, Jul 6, 2016
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    That's somewhat true, even considering some VP choices, but he's not made a decision yet either and are having insiders a bad thing "just because they're not outsiders"?

    But he has openly alienated big business, Wall Street, illegals, just about everyone else, bringing in openly religious individuals (Bachmann, Falwell Jr, Palin) and even a recent local article discussing faith surprised me enough to rethink some things as, for as much as I had read, there's much I have yet to read or re-read passages like:

    How can anyone refute those qualities, though the second one is a little difference since we've not been an agrarian/agricultural economy for a long time thanks to the progress of technology that makes the parable not as much obsolete as it is out of touch with circumstances they never had to deal with back then?

    And true, it invariably involved "the whole world", which has no exceptions that I'm aware of. And, true, offshoring hasn't been a bad thing -- but that's hardly the whole issue. I could go on for a long time on the positives, but religions say a lot of good things too. Maybe it's time for me to do more reading and re-reading.

    Ever read how he planned to pay for it? He knows it's not free. Why do Bernie bashers insist on spreading untruths??

    Also, want freebies? Ask people who voted NO on this vote, made during when the GOP had full and filibuster-proof control of government:

    You know, freebies to companies moving jobs offshore and fewer jobs, where revenue comes from to pay for all those freebies to those same companies. How long can that last? We've had media reports of "brain drain" and other problems for years now.

    As for the deficit, remember what the GOP said, "Reagan proved deficits don't matter". As long as the GOP is in full power, maybe it doesn't matter. Vote in anyone else and suddenly everyone turns into Chicken Little with doom and gloom. People don't buy the partisan pattycake anymore, sir, especially when Reagan's economy was a lot different back then and allowed all the deficit spending in the world - something else you forgot to point out but being human, people tend to forget things. It's not a dig, it's a truism. People are not robots or computers.

    Both candidates bring a lot to the table that isn't bad. Trump has been surprising in his approach, however.
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    Define mulligan. We're not all golfers like Obama; some of us work for a living.

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