Can you buy an unlocked Verizon iPhone6 from an Apple Store..

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EdT, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Or do you need to go to a Verizon store? I have an unlimited plan and I think it would be cheaper for me to just stay on that plan and buy the phone out-right.

    I have seen a lot of people talking about having extra lines (I don't) and buying a T-Mobile phone but then don't you still need a Verizon SIM? I have an iPhone 4s, and I really don't want to do shell games at the Verizon store trying to keep my current plan. I chatted online with Verizon and was shown how and where to order a non-contract phone that would leave my plan intact but when I go to a physical store they say that you can't do it, and in one store I went online and showed them they said it was a mistake and that I still couldn't do it.

    So can I buy the phone at an Apple store now and not have to jump through hoops to keep my Verizon plan? I don't want to try buying a T-Mobile phone and then canceling and then trying to transfer then phone to Verizon. I know that for the 5s you could buy the phones from the Apple store after a few months, but I haven't found anything confirming that this will be the case this time, or when it will be possible.

    Maybe it isn't worth the unlimited. How much would a plan for 4 apple devices cost, assuming that you wanted around 3 gig for each device? (Verizon only, AT&T and T-Mobile do not have good service in my area)
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    Yes just walk into an apple store and tell them you'd like to buy the phone at full price

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