Cannot activate wife's 5C! (upgrade swap)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rob9874, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I'll try to make a LONG story short, but I just have to vent. Pre-ordered 5C for my wife, swapping my upgrade eligibility, knew to call AT&T before activating. Was going well, until the rep said my phone showed as being purchased from the Apple Store, not as I had said. So he couldn't activate it over the phone, without place of purchase matching. So stupid.

    So I take it to the AT&T store, and the guy didn't know what he was doing, and could not get it to work. Said I had to try activating at home on iTunes, and if that didn't work, to call Apple. So I tried it, didn't work, so I called Apple. Apple said it's not an issue on their end, it's AT&T and for me to call them. I call AT&T, and the rep was very knowledgeable. She troubleshot and found that the guy at the AT&T store did something when he was trying to switch the 5C to my wife's line, and ended up tying both lines to that phone. Even though my phone still worked, the 5C was trying to activate to both lines. She said the solution was to go back to the AT&T store and have them put a new sim card in my wife's old phone, get that working again, then the 5C would activate to my line. Then they would just need to swap numbers. The rep typed up all the details of what the store needed to do.

    I go back to the AT&T store, and have to get back in line. Hour wait. I finally get assigned a rep, but she didn't want to hear the phone rep's solution. "It has nothing to do with your wife's line." After 30 min of trying, I ask her to just read the notes on my account. "It does me no good to read what they did." After an hour, she claims she fixed it, but that I would need to activate it at home. I told her I was skeptical. Sure enough, I came home and it still won't activate.

    I'm not sure what to do next. AT&T can't activate it. Apple doesn't know what to do. I have a Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow. Think I want to exchange it for a 5S. Surely they won't make me pay a restocking fee, when their phone is useless if I can't activate it. I think a new phone with a new serial number will activate fine. Wish me luck!
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    That's just crazy!!!... If it were me smoke would be coming out my ears,I'd be so po'd.
    I wonder if it has anything to do with all the activations and Att's servers being tied up? They had a similar problem last year.
    Good luck!

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