iPhone Cannot find/download/install the iOS 13 Beta profile

Discussion in 'iOS 13' started by EspenA, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Hi - I have a paid membership on developer.apple.com, but for some reason cannot find a way to install the new iOS 13 beta profile. Am I doing something wrong …? This is what the page looks like when I open it on Safari …? o_O (there's no download/install button)

    EDIT: No OTA update...right. Problem solved. :)

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    Yeah. I don't know if it's actually officially why, but the speculation is that Apple wanted to make it harder for non-developers to get the beta, since it's more buggy than usual this time around. For the same reason I'd advice against putting it on a daily driver, and only keeping it on a dedicated test device. Most people strangely report it being more stable on iPad.
    BTW; I can highly recommend playing around with SwiftUI. That's one damn awesome UI framework. It made me all giggly playing with it.
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    Correct there is no OTA and won't be until public beta

    To download and install you either need to:

    On macOS Mojave:

    Install Xcode 11 Beta
    Obtain the mobiledevice.pkg from Xcode 11 beta and install that.
    Install with the .ipsw via iTunes

    Or install macOS Catalina Beta & install with the .ipsw via Finder sidebar.

    FWIW I have it on my daily driver (XS Max). A few bugs as expected but certainly not the worst Beta 1 they've released.
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    I couldn’t update the beat as my 2011 Mac is too old. I used an even older PC and an app called 3UTools.

    Have the beta on my iPad and X. It’s really not bad at all, and as a B1, quite brilliant; no issues with battery, heat, Bluetooth in car etc.
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    One correction to the process you gave above (in red)
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    Got on the TestFlight beta of Reality Composer. Will play with that and report out!

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