Cannot go to some Websites after OS reinstall


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Jul 12, 2012
I have just reinstalled my OS on my Macbook, i have done this a few times over the years to clear away the dross.
All it well except i cannot reach some websites i have never had this before. I use Chrome as a browser and i cant get comfortable with Safari but i get ther same results on that as well. I have also installed Firefox and Navigator and they all refuse to go to some sites. I get a message "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server " of what ever the other beowsers say.
Ok it may not be a kosher site but i have never had any trouble before (no not porn!)

As it's all four browsers it has to be the Mac OS but i can see what. I am thinking of wiping again to see what happens, cant get worse i suppose though it is a case of time!!