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  1. cwright macrumors 6502a

    Jan 5, 2004
    Hello everyone...
    I have finally purchased my GL2! I am entering the wedding videography business, and this was my first big investment. Before you all yell at me for buying a GL2 over a VX2100 or other camera with better low light capabilities, I had to opt for the GL2 because of a tight budget. The initial cheaper price plus Canon's $250 rebate really helped. I am also very familiar with the camera as I use one at school all the time.

    Anyways... back on topic.
    I ordered the camera and this accessory kit:
    It was only $160 with shipping from what seemed to be a respectable eBay shop, and includes many of the accessories I would need:
    1. Camera Bag
    2. Small Accessory Bag
    3. Opteka Wide Angle Lens
    4. Opteka Telephoto Lense
    5. Opteka 3 Piece Filter Kit
    6. Tabletop Tripod
    7. 55" Tripod
    8. Cleaning Kit, LCD Protector, etc

    What I would like to know is what other accessories I would need to produce great looking (and sounding) wedding videos. The three main categories are: sound, stabilization, and light.

    Sound: I assume I will want to find a good UHF wireless mic, but I know nothing about them. Any info would be appreciated. Also, what is the best retailer to buy these from? I have also heard about Digital Audio Recorders, which record to a seperate device that is small enough to slip into someone's pocket, and then sync with video later. This is supposedly a better alternative to wireless because of interference issues. Any thoughts/Recommendations?

    Stabilization: I would like to be able to create smooth shots in Receptions and such. The only decent-priced option I have found so far is the GlideCam 2000 Pro, which is about $275. This would be good enough at first and I could add a BodyPod or Arm Brace later if needed. Are there any better or cheaper alternatives to the GlideCam? Do these stabilizers really work that well anyway? ... I've never used one.

    Light: The GL2 should produce a decent picture in low-light, but just might not be good enough for dark receptions. Can anyone recommend a good on-camera light that is suited for this? I would like to be able to use this light from the back of a large area and still be effective. I have looked at the Canon VL-3 light, but it seems too weak at only 3 watts. There is also a VL-10Li light that is 10 watts. Is this enough, and would anyone recommend it? Do these on-camera lights cause a big distraction from guests? Is there any way to reduce/prevent this?

    Sorry for such a long post, and all the dumb questions :D
    If any pros out there could give me some advice that would be great
  2. mark_wilkins macrumors member

    Aug 26, 2003
    You need to get an XLR adapter for the GL2 if you want to attach it to any good microphones. I think Canon's is the only choice, and it's EXPENSIVE for what it is (like $150), but you can get much better sound.

    -- Mark
  3. jimsowden macrumors 68000


    Sep 6, 2003
    Props on the GL2. It kicks the vx2100's *ss. If you want some reasons, PM me. I have one and the glidecam is awesome. For weddings, i think it would be cool. Yeah, you need an XLR dealy, but you would with any other camcorder but the PD150 or 70.
  4. cwright thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Jan 5, 2004
    hey thanks for the replys
    its been a long time since i posted this thread... I figured it was dead :D
    not sure how I missed mark's post either, I dont remember getting an email notification.

    anyway, jimsowden: I would be interested in hearing why you think the GL2 is so much better than the sony. Everyone seems to think the vx2100 is much better in terms of image quality and low-light capability. I havent looked around on this site enough yet to figure out how to send a PM, maybe you could send me one? :eek:

    money's still pretty tight, but eventually I'll be able to buy an XLR adapter. I don't really care for Canon's model because of the way it sits on the hot shoe... looks like it will break off easily. I'd rather get something like the BeachTek or SignVideo adapters.

    thanks again for the replys

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