Canon n1220u drivers?


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Nov 3, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Nope. Nice that Apple was selling this on their website right alongside OS X and it's not supported in any way, shape, or form... As soon as I figure out whether to be mad at Apple or Canon, I'll go buy a scanner that is supported.


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Jul 7, 2001
I have the same scanner, and love it. Supposedly there were some beta drivers on version tracker, but it's a gamble. I've heard good things, and bad things. It crashed Jack's (of As the Apple Turns) G4, so I am just going to wait for the actual release.



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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
I have an Epson scanner, and they have released drivers for OS X (beta and a self contain scanning app at that). They are supposed to be releasing full versions soon. When I get my TiBook back from Apple, I will test it out and see how it does. I will then post what I find out. BTW, the scanner is the Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner. It has both FireWire and USB interfaces as well as the ability to scan negatives/transparencies right out of the box. Optical resolution is 2400x4800 dpi. Costs only $399, no other flatbed, FireWire scanner does all that with those resolutions at that cost. All the others either have lower res, no neg/trans support right out of the box, or cost twice (if not more) as much.


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Apr 14, 2002
Sydney, Australia
thanx to all...I'll just wait until a driver is released (whenever that may be)...I heard that it would be in the next few months though...



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Apr 15, 2002

I just got my Canon N1220U, and I'm using it with VueScan (costs $40 at VueScan runs natively on OSX and it supports most scanners. I'd also say that it's better than any scanning software you'll get free with your scanner. I never installed the software that came with the Canon, VueScan works just fine for me. My suggestion: download it from and try it out.


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Aug 9, 2001
Yeah I tried Viewscan but unfortunately it didn't work for me (native under X but works in classic as does the canon drivers, so no bonus there), my scanner is the Canon N1240U, not sure why if it works with the N1220U, but great app none the less.


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Apr 15, 2002
When I installed VueScan for the first time it didn't work in X either, as it didn't recoginze/find the scanner on the USB bus. I then launched VueScan in classic mode, this time it worked and VueScan found the scanner. At the same time some files were created in the VueScan directory. I then launched VueScan X once again and everything was working fine (probably because those files are scanner description files that are needed).

Maybe this little workaround could also work with the Canon 1240, I suggest you should try.



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May 28, 2001
[qoute]I think its very lame on cannon and apple for not taking care of this[/qoute]

I agree, still hoping to have drivers for canoscan FB630U and BJC-3000 printer.
Canon Customer Services were exited to tell me that Canon does not intend to rewrite 'old' drivers, and rely completely on third party programmers to come up with those drivers.:mad:


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Jun 16, 2002
I didn't have luck with the last version of VueScan but I just downloaded it and it's working (didn't have to run in Classic first either). Immediately recognized my 1220U and was able to scan.

Problem is, aside from the fact that VueScan costs $$, it's not as quick or efficient (one-touch with the buttons using CanoScan and OS9) as Canon's product.

I read in the rumors somewhere that Jaguar is supposed to support all kinds of scanners natively. Maybe this is what everyone's waiting for?

BTW - I still don't have a driver for the CompactFlash Kodak USB PictureCard Reader. Any suggestions?