Can't completely wipe iPhone to sell - remembers my iTunes and iCloud usernames

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Hi all,

    I have an iPhone 4 that I have sold on eBay and will be sending to the new owner this week. I have tried to wipe the phone completely but no matter what I do it always, always retains my iTunes username (in the Store settings page) and my iCloud usernames (in various other Settings pages).

    I have tried doing the following:

    - 'Erase all content and settings'
    - Loading it with music and wiping it several times
    - Restoring the iOS 5 software from scratch in iTunes

    Each time I wipe it 'completely' I have to have my sim card in the phone to get past the 'set up as a new iPhone' stuff to then check the Settings app and see if it's forgotten my IDs.

    I'm wondering - without the SIM card it's impossible to get to the Home Screen during the setup/activation stage, so does that mean that either of the following is true?

    1) The SIM card retains my usernames and pre-fills them in the Settings pages?

    2) When the new owner puts his own micro-sim in, it will clear those fields?

    I believe that the new owner will likely have his own ID to enter, or will set one up when prompted by the software, but I don't understand why completely wiping the device many, many times isn't clearing my usernames so if anyone can confirm that it's the presence of my SIM card that's causing this problem, I will feel better about sending this device to a stranger.

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    It always puts your user id's in after first setup from iTunes.
    After that , go into settings/iCloud and delete your account on the phone. Then go to the app store and sign out on the phone.
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    Nov 30, 2005

    I just tried quitting iTunes and then activating the phone with the SIM in and LO! The fields are not filled in. It must have been connecting to my iTunes wirelessly and that's how it was getting the info.

    I'm grateful for your help in working this out, but while I'm here I was a little concerned by the suggestion to delete my iCloud account from my iPhone. Would that remove the account from just the phone, or does it actually delete the entire iCloud account? Probably the former, but the wording suggested the latter... Just wanted to be sure, for the future :)


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