Can't get printer to match color of monitor

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kmaultsby, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Here one for you guys. I have a Epson R800 printer which I use for prints only. I also have HP 7310 All In One which I use for everyday printing. The problem no matter what I have tried I can't get the Epson to print and match the color that is on my display screen but when I print the same picture off the HP which only use four colors it matches what is on the screen. I calibrate the screen but I don't think that is the problem because the HP matches perfectly. And also when I print for the Epson it leaves a slight green tint. The printer software I am using is Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0. And color management is turned off so Photoshop is doing the color management.
    I print mostly 6x4 5x7 and 8x10.

    I thinking of going with Canon or HP if I can't get this to work.:(
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    Calibrating only your monitor does nothing for your printer. If you want the same color from source to output, then you have to calibrate everything from source to output.
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    Calibrate to your printer, not your monitor. Chances are, your printer company probably has an ICC profile that matches the printer in Photoshop available - if not, you can get a custom one made by local print shops/photo stores.
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    Try this: when ready to print a photo with your Epson printer, look and choose the option for the printer, not the software, to control the the printing job. For example, I am printing a photo using PSE6 and an Epson Photo R280 printer:

    1. I select PRINT, and the correct printer
    2. In the PRINT window, right side, under COLOR MANAGEMENT, I select "Printer Manages Color"

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