Cant Restore From iCloud Back up - Incorrect Password

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by slapbang12, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Jun 28, 2012

    Im hoping someone can help me before I throw this POS device out the window.....

    Got an iPhone 5 and ever since 7.0.2 ive been having intermittent signal issues with it flicking to searching, Vodafone, Vodafone 3G and then back in reverse order!

    So, after having enough of that I decided perhaps a restore would do the trick and then restore from iCloud with all my data.

    Restored and selected the option to restore from back up...incorrect password, tried again...incorrect password. Perhaps I forgot my password I thought, logged onto Apple and changed it - went to log in again....SAME PROBLEM...incorrect password.

    After about 3 hours, I decided to restore form my computer backup, that went through but still made me set up as a new phone or restore from back up!! Starting to get pi**ed off now.

    I set it up as a new phone and then tried to log into iCloud.....IT WORKED - correct user name and password! I even logged inot the iTunes store....CORRECT PASSWORD.....WTF???

    Can someone please restore my faith in this system - I run a repair business for these and for the first time Ive completely lost faith with them after potentially losing my data....AFTER backing up!

    Just to add insult to injury - the ********** thing now wont get detected by iTunes, although my computer makes a sound to say its detected it.

    Appointment booked tomorrow at Genius bar but I thought id ask you guys before trekking 50 miles!!

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::(:(
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