Can't see backup of my iPhone in iTunes > Preferences > Devices

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sallirawr, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Hi all

    My macbook (Yosemite) and iPhone (6) are both big and have a LOT of stuff on them right now. In February 2016, I backed up my iPhone to my macbook but noticed that my macbook was 99% full so moved my iPhone backup (which was huge) over to an external hard drive.

    Im now ready to do a new backup of my phone. I thought it would be a simple case of copying the 'Backup' folder containing the backup from my external hard drive, to my mac (/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/). So when I open my MobileSync folder up, there is a folder with 'Backup' in, then a folder within that which is named with loads of letters and numbers etc.

    However, when I open up iTunes > Preferences > Devices, no back ups show in there at all.

    Not a problem I thought - I don't necessarily need that Feb 2016 back up anyways, I just want to make a new one. So I delete the folder with all the numbers/letters out of the Backup folder in MobileSync so Backup is now an empty folder.

    I try to back up my phone on iTunes but it just won't work. It constantly says "iTunes could not back up the iPhone “iPhone” because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone". Underneath it says "delete the the backup for this iPhone, then try again" (but there is no backup of this iPhone.. nothing in MobileSync/Backup and nothing in preferences >devices). I'm totally lost now because the back up, even if it's been corrupted at some point during the move to my external hard drive, has been completely wiped off my macbook now anyway.

    Please can somebody advise me on how to back up my iPhone :( :( Thanks
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    Bump, this thread is getting lost in the swarm of new ones about iPhone 7

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