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    I've been trying to think of a well spoken way to express my feelings on this absurd bill that is no longer winding its way through the Senate, and have been unable to do so. But, fortunately, the WSJ did that for me.

    My concern is that Barbara Boxer is now claiming that McCain and Obama would both have voted for the bill, had they gone to work that day (she says Clinton would have as well). That either one of the two Senators would have espoused a plan whereby the half caps would be auctioned to the highest bidder, thus reducing investment dollars and imposing what is essentially a prepayment scheme, and so much freedom with the other half the system is just begging to be used as political favor is disturbing.

    I understand the point of cap-and-trade. I agree that limiting emissions is a positive thing all around. But the distibution model is flat out disturbing. Institute the system without the auctions, or use the auctions to pay down the debt and make it viable for companies to conduct R&D while they conduct future research - just don't put it in a barrel o' pigs.
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    this program would only hurt our economy at this point

    absurd law
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    I thought you were talking about a new program for gangters to keep a fresh supply of clean firearms for a minute, but alas reading the link proved me wrong. Useless idea nontheless
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    I've read that the current model is a mess and that the only way to do it is a straight-up auction. However, that idea will take fire from those who think it will hurt businesses, so instead we'll end up with a compromise where everyone loses.
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    Cap and Trade is just code for Control and Tax.

    Seriously, is anyone dumb enough to believe that this tax won't soak the poor and middle class on their energy bills?

    No tax is paid by the corporations of this country, they merely collect it by embedding the cost into everything they do, from services to actual products.

    Just like withholding, the system is built on the ignorance of the people. Politicians like to play one class off of another and play people versus businesses because they know people are stupid, selfish, and full of jealousy, that can be exploited.

    Hope those with the O&B stickers enjoy the fact they just royally screwed over their own kids with a tax debt that will make it hard if not impossible for the next generation to get ahead.

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