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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by VegetaPunk, Nov 15, 2003.

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    Dec 30, 2002
    I have never Captured Video before and I have an S-Video Connection on my Video card I was wondering if this is how I would do it.....

    Connect S-Video to TV
    Play Video that I want on tv
    and use software to get it

    Do I need software?? Is there anything I should know when doing this?

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    Aug 15, 2001
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    I can't say for sure unless you identify exactly what video card you've got, but in most cases the S-Video jack on the card is for video out, not video in. In which case the process would be "Plug TV into Video card. Use video card's control panel to send video out of S-Video jack. Watch your computer on TV."

    There were, however, a few Mac cards that did do video in--the Rage VR series, if I remember the model name correctly (I had one in my PowerMac 6500). There are still PC cards (the All-In-Wonder series, for example) that do this, but I don't think any recent Mac-compatible cards can. In the case of my card, it came with a special ATI video capture application, which you'd fire up to capture video.

    In that case, if you want to capture video, the process would be:

    1) Hook your video card up to an S-Video output jack. Most TVs do not have these--they're more likely found on S-VHS VCRs, DVD players, LD players, and decent-quality camcorders.

    2) Fire up capture application. Things like iMovie won't work to capture video from a video card, so you'll need whatever application it came with.

    3) Capture video.

    Incidentally, the video card I had that would do video capture also needed some sort of little adapter cable, if I remember correctly. It would've come with it, if your card needed one, though.
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