Car Xpenses - Manage Vehicle Maintenance V 1.4 does it all for your car!

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    Car Xpenses - Manage Vehicle Maintenance V 1.4, a new productivity application designed for management all car maintenance needs enables users to save time and money by managing all of their vehicles expenses, services and maintenance needs with a few simple clicks.



    Managing Vehicle Expenses:
    - Simple clicks for entring expenses.
    - Choose category,Cost and sub-category (that's all)
    - allow Creating unlimited customized sub-categories.
    - Locate expense on a map (which helps determine all car service locations).
    - View expenses by month/year.
    - View expenses by location.
    - Animated Pie chart for expense categories

    Managing Vehicle Services:
    - Lights and progress bars indicate services that need attention.
    - Maintain complete service history.
    - Define unlimited customized services.
    - choose service intervals by miles/km or duration (or both).
    - Store notes and odometer reading for each car service.
    - Calendar notifications remind user about due services.

    General Features:
    - Manage multiple cars with no limit.
    - Easily track expenses/repairs and services.
    - High-resolution graphics; iOS 5 and Retina display support.
    - Extremely lightweight and provides great performance, even on older devices.
    - Suitable for use in any country supporting the following international units:
    *Distance: miles, kilometers
    *Currency: all worldwide currencies
    - Backup and restore with simple clicks.
    - full application help.
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    I was able to find the site, for those interested.

    Do you know if there are plans for an iPad app that syncs via drop box or iCloud for this app?

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