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Jun 5, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi all, this forum always seems to have the answers i am looking for so here goes.

I recently downloaded Carracho and i seem to be having a damned hard time being able to DL any apps.

Everytime i go to DL a file it says connecting then (50) or (40) and the number never moves.

Is there some step im missing?...some of the sites give instruction to upload first then you can download...i have tried this and successfully dowloaded one app. but then more, i have only successfully DL'd one small(840k) app from these servers which have almost every app i have ever wanted!

Anyone know of any good references or sites which tell you how to troubleshoot or have 'easy' servers to deal with. I have only tried the ones on so i dont know of any other resources for server IP's

Thanks for any input

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