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Case material consideration contrasting to AppleCare


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May 30, 2013
I am considering my first Apple Watch purchase. I came to this forum board when I was purchasing my wife's watch. Because of this forum board, I chose to upgrade her to the stainless steel and it turned out to be one of the best decisions. She wears her watch EVERYDAY and people CONSTANTLY ask her "Why does your watch look so much better?" and she explains to them that her husband purchased the stainless steel. Since that purchase, I have had SEVERAL people in my life have "issues" with their watch. Some of them had AppleCare, others did not. I have had several people tell me, to get AppleCare on a watch because the majority of repairs often cost as much as a new watch.

I am deciding between the Titanium and the Stainless and I will be purchasing AppleCare. AppleCare comes in two flavors: 3 years : $4.99 per month. For those that have owned their watch multiple generations, Have you been inclined to upgrade more often than 3 years? "Today" my thinking is: "Get the titanium and wear it until it dies", but there has been pretty substantial upgrades between the "4" and the "6".

Has Apple allowed an extension of AppleCare beyond the end of 3 years? What happens if you decide to upgrade earlier than 3 years? Do you lose the AppleCare or is it rolled into your new purchase?

Any other feedback, points of consideration from long time watch owners?


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Jun 6, 2020
You can renew on a monthly basis within 60 days after the initial term expires. I want to note that only the titanium edition and Hermès get 3 years under AppleCare+. The stainless models only get 2 years.
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