Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Discussion in 'Games' started by Jovian9, Mar 21, 2007.

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    In case you are unaware; Castlevania Symphony of the Night was released on Xbox 360 Live Arcade yesterday morning for a mere $10.

    This game reminds me of playing this back in the day on a PS1. I've got this hooked up to my 53" 1080i Projection HDTV and it looks great. I'd say the game definitely looks better (though not good compared to the high definition games being released today). You can actually adjust the game to fit your screen, so no square game in the middle with design around it. I've got it filling almost my entire widescreen tv. The controls are very took me about 2 minutes to adjust to playing this on the 360 controller (which I thought might be difficult considering I've played this on a PS1 countless times). This game, in my opinion or memory, seems to be just like the original (with the exception of enhanced graphics)...though it's been awhile since I've played the original. I'm definitely grateful for that as I was worried they'd butcher it like they did Contra. Though this is single player and you cannot play online together..... a friend and I both purchased this and put in 3.5 hours or so of this game while on Xbox Live chat. That was pretty fun. For being a game that was on a 700mb CD for the PS1, the file size comes in at a very small 150mb. That is great since there's only so much room on the 360 hard drive. This also gives me hope that there will be many more games to come from that generation of consoles since they can compress them down this much.

    There's really only one negative so far that I've noticed; while going into my inventory screen the inventory area went all black. I could go to the pause menu and see it, but not to the inventory screen or back to the game screen to save my game and restart. I had to stop my game, exit out of the arcade, and start it again and load at my last point. This only happened once and has yet to happen to my friend who was playing it.....but I lost quite a bit of time in the game d/t it. So if you get this game, save every chance you get just in case there is a software bug or something.

    If you are a fan of Castlevania, buy this. If you appreciate great video games of the past, buy this. If you can only buy one arcade game from XBLA, buy this. If you don't yet have a 360, buy one and then buy this.
    I've been gaming since the 2600 and have owned/played tons of games.....and this is a Top 10 game in my opinion. Buy it :)
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    Cool...I passed on this when I had my PS1 so am interested to give it another shot. I think I played it till first "ending" but never played missed a bunch I think. This and TMNT are great...hope live continues like this...


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