Cataloging of family neg's and slids scanned

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    I'm about to start scanning all my family neg's & slides. I want to know the best way to set up a DVD for viewing and selecting images. The DVD's will be for both my daughters, one is a PC the other a Mac. One of my friends said to use iPhoto and as long as a person with a PC has quicktime loaded they will be able to view it as long as I burn the DVD in Toast for PC&Mac. It would also be nice if I could make it a video DVD so they can view it on there TV, But I just want it to be easy for them to see what's on each DVD and have access with an easy ID of each image if they want to search it out to print.
    Thank You
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    I have done this with all my old family photos (about 35 gigs worth)! Create your slideshows/albums within iPhoto. Using smart albums is a great way to organize them. Open iDVD. Then use the function in iPhoto to "export to iDVD" (not at the mac right now, and don't remember the exact menubar item, but seek and ye shall find). Go to iDVD and create your DVD -- use the themes, etc and create something nice (there is a good tutorial on the Apple site). When you are ready to burn, there is an option to add the photos to the DVD. Check this and the result will be a DVD that will play in a regular DVD player or computer and the photos will also be available to your daughters to download to their own computers -- PC or Mac.

    Have fun! It really is a fun project! I recently did this for some cousins that I had lost track of and not seen in over 40 years, and they LOVED the result!

    One suggestion on the scanning. If you have black & white negs/photos, scan them as though they were color, not B&W. There have been some users that have had problems with the B&W settings. I did all mine as though they were color and all is good.

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