CDC says that 23000 die every year due to overuse of antibiotics

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    This is why we need government regulations. At least 23,000 people die every year due to untreatable infections due to the overuse of antibiotics in livestock and in people. Why is it still legal to use antibiotics to promote growth in livestock?
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    Why is it still legal? Same reason as it is still legal for companies to many environmental damaging or health damaging things.

    We function in a society where monetary profit weighs highly on any legistative desicisions.

    Until consumers/voters in large enough numbers their buying desicisions then it will go on.
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    Apr 14, 2013
    I think the problem lies more with sally and fred demanding something to make sally sue feel better when nothing but time hydration and rest will do that.
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    Apr 7, 2003
    There's enormous pressure on docs to prescribe something but many workers will be fired if they can't prove they need time off.
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    In parts of Europe, bacteriophages are a popular alternative to antibiotics. They are specific to a particular bacteria/archaea species, so your body's natural ecosystem is not put off balance by them, and, I think, a single dosing is all that is needed. Of course, heavy use might well lead to mutation, giving rise to a some apocalyptic virus, but it has not happened yet where they are used, AFAIK.
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    It could very well happen. The overuse of antibiotics in America and India is one of the reasons why staph has become such a huge problem for hospitals as of late. Certain strains have been so heavily exposed to antibiotics that they've built up various resistances to them.

    That's why I think our best course of action is moderaton in medication, intelligent application, rather than the blunt force "well taking a bunch doesn't hurt you, so TAKE A WHOLE BUNCH" approach we currently lean so heavily on. You can't even go in for simple stitches without getting two perscriptions these days. Not because you need them, but because they're preventative against something that might happen in an outlying worst case scenario. It doesn't hurt to take them, so...why not?
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    I was just reading some wiki stuff on acanthamoebas which seems to indicate they are one of the causes or the cause of MRSA. Protazoans are not responsive to antibiotics, which I think is why malaria is so hard to actually cure. But these bugs, you know, they do have just as much right to this dirtball that we do (and they may well get it all to themselves in the end). I guess it is in a way unfortunate that everyone knows about antibiotics (that they exist and cure stuff, not the details), if only the doctors would use some sense and prescribe Placebocyclin for the ignorant ones.

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