Cell Phones and Harmful Radiation

Discussion in 'Community' started by scem0, Jul 8, 2005.

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    My family is shopping for new cell phones but my father, my mother, and one of my sisters are hesitant to get a new cell phone because they think their "chances of getting a brain tumor are doubled" if they use their cell phones. They are looking at SARS ratings and ruling out phones that are getting good reviews because supposedly the ammount of radiation they give out is unsafe.

    Personally, I think that for every study saying that phones are dangerous there are 10 more saying they aren't. My father is saying that these are studies that cell phone companies pay the government to produce. Now he is saying that I should "wisen up" before I get a new cell phone.

    When I find things like:


    my Dad is sure that the government and cell phone companies are behind these studies making sure that the companies won't get hurt. I have told my family about how cell phones release non-ionizing radiation, just like microwaves (which we don't have) and computers (which my family will never trust).

    Can someone please help sort out the facts, give me advise on how to convince my family that their theories are not based on fact, or help me "wisen up" by showing me how wrong I am?


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    I don't believe that they cause brain tumours either. Not enough research has been done. Its not possible. Mobile phones have not been out long enough for a meaningful study. That's the thing about health studies.....sometimes it takes 30-40 years before anybody can have meaningful results.

    On the other hand, using a mobile could only have a negative impact on your health. Sure the risk of something bad happening isn't very high, but anything that sends and receives a signal and is held to your head is probably bad for you, even if that impact isn't measurable precisely enough to be noticeable.
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    i wouldn't worry about it, when you actually do get the brain tumor, you probably won't have the brain function to worry about it.

    but no seriously, we wont' know. it's hard to do a long term test in just a few years. we're the test subjects, and when it finally gets figured out we'll be old and unpopular and have no use for cell phones.

    at least the radiation isn't as bad as it once was. all those 1980s wall street drones are going to be dropping off like a bad cell connection.
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    Hard to find anything that isn't harmful in some way...

    I remember my mom telling us not to stand near the microwave because we would be sterile.

    Maybe someday we will know more, but for now, I doubt there is enough information.

    Woof, Woof - Dawg
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    So basically, the message of the day is that you can't claim either but you should keep your mind open to the possible dangers and take the necessary precautions, just in case.
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    You have to get him to watch the 'Safety Hysteria' episode of Penn & Teller: B*llsh*t. :p

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