Cellular data usage while connected to wifi

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by liteshow, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Found a solution. See post #7 below

    i have a 4s on ios 6.1.3. Noticed that cellular data was still consumed (approx 1 - 2 MB a day) even if I was on strong wifi connection.

    So I decided to wipe the phone (Erase all content and reset) and restored as a new phone. Did not use any previous backups from icloud or itunes - just totally brand new setup. Installed my apps and setup the phone making sure apps and settings dont use celluar data.

    I have gmail setup as exchange with push notifications.

    So last night I closed all apps except dataman pro and went to sleep. 6 hours later I wake up and according to dataman pro and settings->usage, I had consumed 300 kb in 6 hours. Wifi connection is very strong and I know the phone uses 3G went asleep, but that seems a lot to me. Datamanpro says that the apps consuming the data were push notification and sync services. I did not get a single email last night so it did/should not come from the gmail push.

    So my phone consumes cell data when asleep, and also when I am actively using it on wifi. 300+ kb in 6 hours may not sound like much but it adds up to about 40 - 50 MB per month just wasted on some push and sync in the background.

    Is this normal? What does the cell data in wifi usage go with others?
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    Yes, it is perfectly normal, it also uses cellular data preferably for iMessaging because it tends to be more reliable. If you are intent on it, you can change some settings to reduce your phones cellular usage, but this will mean when your off wifi these services will no longer work. (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4203)

    FYI: GMail exchange push is separate from the uses your talking about, that would be using WiFi if it is available and cellular as a fallback. The push notifications and sync services that are using cellular data would be iOS functions related to notification center, iCloud syncing, iMessage, etc.
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Know how can I create a shortcut icon to do this task with ONE PUSH?

    Currently it is Settings -> General -> Cellular blah-blah, too much work. :(
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    I had already turned off the cellular setting as outlined in the article before I did the test last night, so the data usage is not coming from those.

    I believe that is not correct. Even with wifi on, Exchange Active Sync will still use cellular data to push notifications. I have verified that many times sending myself emails while on wifi and watching the data usage go up as soon as the emails hit the phone. However, I can live with data usage during push notification when I receive emails, but the issue here is why is data being consumed when NO emails are being pushed?

    BTW, I have just deleted my icloud account from the phone 1/2 hour ago - that means it is not syncing with icloud anymore. I still am getting similar cellular data usage as before while on wifi. Anyone know what else is syncing or pushing?
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    Not to my knowledge.
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    I've resolved the issue. Turns out Gmail using Exchange Activesync is quite inefficient, especially with syncing and receiving push notification. Also, I believe icloud was a factor but to a much lesser extend.

    So I removed my Gmail account from ios mail. I also deleted (logged off) from icloud. Icloud does not back up up much for me anyways as I store important stuff on gmail, and I can always login an do a full backup once every once a week or so with the Cellular tuned off.

    So to get the same functionality as before, I installed gmail app for mail. Also used CardDav for ios contacts sync with gmail contacts, and used imap for syncing gmail calendar to ios calendar, and for backing up ios notes app.

    Result: I used 8 kb in 6 hours last night!

    Right now, after some light use and 2 push emails notifications on the road, my cellullar usage for the past 12 hours is 27 kb!.

    No more wasting data!
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    Jul 23, 2012
    jailbreak and install SBSettings.
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    When your phone locks it automatically disconnects from wifi and uses cell data/3G and fetches data for you. Like email etc. I've had it much worse at about 200mb per day. I went though settings and changed the fetching data on email and maps, as well as location. There are countless threads about it bling att even a lawsuit for it if I remember right. I went through and hell and back to get it properly working.
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    200MB per day? That's crazy!

    I do notice that location services are big data drainers too, especially if you are moving. One app had location services on and it drained like 500 kb in half hour. And that's only 1 app. So I have disabled all location services (even system ones) except for apps like maps that would not work without location services.
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    I weep for a generation that considers navigation through 2 menu screens "too much work".
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