Certain Apps Very Slow Opening on SE


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May 1, 2005
Florida West Coast

I have just purchased an iPhone SE 64GB to replace my 6S. So far I have enjoyed the phone very much. One thing I am having a problem with certain apps loading very slowly. The apps are Forecast Bar, TV Guide, Fantastical 2, Storm weather app, Weather Nerd, BeWeather and more. I have reset network settings, re-downloaded all the apps, Rebooted the phone. Nothing seems to work with it. My 6s does not have this problem. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thank you.


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May 6, 2008
Give it time for all content to be downloaded from icloud and for the software to settle. 24-48 hours.
+1 on this. Very same thing happened when I purchased my 6s and restored from my 6 backup. Give it about 24 hours and everything should smooth out.
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