Chagos islanders to remain in exile thanks to sell-out UK

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    In another episode of the disgusting conduct still deemed acceptable in the UK despite the long ago loss of any real Imperial power, the Chagos Islanders have permanently lost the right briefly granted to them by a Court ruling to return to their homeland in the Indian Ocean. The British Government originally forced them from their homes in the late 60s in order to lease the islands to the US military. When a Court deemed in 2000 that action illegal the Bliar government played its usual cowards way out and invoked the powers of the Crown (powers which prove the UK's idea of democracy and the rule of law is nothing but a sham) to block the decision. However, the High Court overruled the government in a second case last year.

    Today the Law Lords, the highest court in the UK, backed the establishment, meaning the islanders remain unable to set foot on land stolen from them by the British and later given to the Americans.

    This country deserves to rot.

    BBC News
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    Shameful indeed, but after all, the US has to have somewhere to take people like KSM to where they can be tortured with impunity.

    What's even worse, though, is how the islanders were deported from their own islands: they were summarily collected by boat and dumped on the quayside in Mauritius with their suitcases, without any assistance whatever.
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    What is that, like one of Bush's "signing statements"? "Yeah, I read the law, I just choose not to obey it"?

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    Just when I was beginning to think the courts were going in a positive direction with the recent Gurkha ruling.

    But this case just shows that what ever good sensible ruling they can make another case just brings out the polar opposite.

    Indeed it is quite sickening the treatment that our country inflicted on these people.

    I sincerly hope they can escalate this case further and force our government to make the right move.
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    The Royal Prerogative is a hangover from the days when the monarch held real power. It's retained by governments because it provide a nice easy way for them to entirely bypass parliament on matters related to dependant territories, immigration and border control. It also can be used to enact legislation relating to "national security" :)rolleyes:) and to allow the government to declare war without consulting MPs, but recently it only gets invoked to sneak in disgusting crap they don't want the public discussing.
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    I was JUST going to say/point out the same thing.

    Shameful. :(

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