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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Paladin, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Yes, I have already signed the petition and thrown my name on the potential lawsuit. In fact, I did that a few weeks ago. Tonight, it appears that my iBook 700 has blown another logic board. I will be contacting Apple early tomorrow morning. For the record, I've already had two logic boards, a power adapter and a hard drive replaced. Is it time for Apple to give me another machine? Don't get me wrong, I love my iBook. It's my first Mac, and I've logged a lot of hours on that white keyboard over the last 20 months. However, I can't have a problem every 5 months that takes my computer away for a week. For anybody that has had their iBook replaced, how did you go about it? Also, it seems that I remember hearing that the same problem had to be fixed 3 times before they will replace it. Is that true? Is there any chance for a refund? I'd love to take that refund and purchase a new 12" Powerbook. Any help before tomorrow morning would be much appreciated.
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    hey, sorry to hear about your problem. i, too was the once proud owner of a ibook 700 with the logic board problem. first time it went bad, 2/27/2003, i lost everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. contacted apple support, send it in to them, and they sent it back 'fixed'. i got it back 3/8, and as soon as i turned it on, there was a loud buzzing sound coming from it, and i called them up, and they sent a box out and took it back. they send it back to me WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! i send it back to them, and then called up a supervosor once i saw they recieved it. i told them firmly that i was a student and this could not be happening over and over, and i knew my rights, and if they did not send me a completley new machine or give me a credit for the purchase value of the ibook, that i would file a complaint with the bbb and call my lawyer. i recieved a brand new ibook 900 on 3/24.

    you just need to talk to a supervisor, be firm and knowledgeable, but not pushy, with your demands. let them know the situation is not acceptable, and that there are many petitions for lawsuits going around for the same problem that you are having, and let them know they can resolve the problem amicably by sending you a replacement unit, bottom line.

    hopefully they'll be out of stock/production of the g3 ibook, and you can get a g4 ibook for your troubles.

    let me know how it works out!

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