Chance of Apple providing 4.0 downgrade/Better 3g Compatibility?


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Jul 8, 2009
Is there any chance that Apple would let 3G users downgrade their phones back to 3.1.x, or make an update that would help it run faster? Im asking because my dad, who has owned his 3G for about two years, has always been happy with it, but since he updated it to 4.0 he can't stop complaining about how it tremendously slows down the work he has to do on his phone (he is on his phone for a good portion of his time at work). And he says that he doesn't have time to be waiting 10 seconds for his texts to come up, and then another 10 to search for a name and all that. So he is about to give up and just buy an iPhone 4 (which he really doesn't need because he wouldn't be using any of the newer features), so I told him to just wait a little while for the possibility that Apple could be making the situation better with an update or an option to downgrade.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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