Chances of next MBP having no optical by two drives (likely 1 m-sata and 1 hdd bay)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by HardBall, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm possibly thinking of switching to a mac laptop for my next purchase. Granted being a computer engineer, I will be running some version of linux on it a majority of the time, so I will be mostly buying it for the HW.

    Ther is one requirement that I must have for any laptop that I use. It must have the place for 2 internal drives, one being an OS/swap/apps ssd, while the other being a larger capacity spindle HDD. It's not only helpful in achieving hig capacity and low storage latency/high throughput; but it is also helpful in storing certainimportant files redundantly, without the need to resort to an external usb drive.

    The currently laptop that I have is one of the few relatively svelty and light that offered such option, an HP envy 15; which omits the optical but has two hdd mounts. The one I had before was a thinkpad t60, which had modularized bay that took either an optical drive or an hdd. I'm wondering how likely it will be for the next wave of MBP to offer such an option, I mean having two internal drives, while omitting the optical bay to keep the size and weight in check.

    Any insight into this would be helpful.

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    you can currently swap out the optical drive for a 2nd hard drive bay they are called Optibays
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    Just buy this:

    No one knows what the "chances" are the next MacBook will have this feature, what kind of question is that? But if you ask me it's 1 in 100. Apple isn't going to put in a 2nd hard drive in the place of the optibay, and rumor has it that the MBP and MBA lines will be merged, and as we all know the MBA doesn't have a neither an optical drive nor space for a 2nd hard disk.
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    Read the million other threads about it. No one here knows what will be in anything new so all you are gonna get are pointless answers that turn into fights.

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