Change Gamma and Color Space of Existing JPGs?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by clayj, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    OK, I'm working on a web site... been working on it for quite a long time now, and it was supposed to go live today. The problem is that the man for whom I am designing the site FINALLY took a look at it on several Windows machines (he does all his work on Macs), and he thinks the images are too dark there. (They look OK to me on my Windows box, but he's the client, so my job is to try to make him happy.) Obviously, this is occurring because he scanned all his images and processed them at a gamma of 1.8 before sending them to me.

    So now we have 300+ images with a gamma of 1.8... they need to be adjusted to a gamma of 2.0, which would be the average of the default Mac gamma (1.8) and the default Windows gamma (2.2). Also, some of the images have sRGB defined as their color space (good), but some have it Uncalibrated (bad) or have no color space at all (also bad).

    Does anyone know of a utility that will allow one to process images, applying specific gamma values (2.0) and color spaces (sRGB) to them? I am dreading the possibility of having to process all of these images one at a time.

    Thanks in advance for any help you're able to offer.
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    I assume your adjusting in Photoshop, if so then create an action, its like a macro but just called an action it allows batch processing of files.

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