Change Icons in Catalina


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Nov 9, 2012
Brisbane, Australia
I have tried disabling SIP, and using the get info technique, I cannot change icons in Mac OS Catalina (Beta 4) in previous Beta's I have been able to, but not this one.

I must be doing something wrong, as just after I finished installing the Beta 4 update I could change icons - now I cannot.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


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Feb 18, 2009
Chicago, IL
I was able to change the mail icon (because I hate it) with LiteIcon 4.0. You have to go into Recovery Mode still and do the 'csrutil disable' thing in terminal but then you can use LiteIcon 4.0 to change a system icon and it's held after re-enabling SIP and the latest Catalina update that we just got.


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Jan 25, 2008
I have tried everything suggested... I disabled SIP. I used the killall command in Terminal. I have tried by dragging and pasting the icons on the volumes. I have tried LiteIcon.

None of it works...