Changing PW for external apfs volume?


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Nov 16, 2013
I want to change the PW for an external encrypted apfs volume. There are descriptions on the web of marking the volume (which of the two apfs volumes?) in diskutility, the >File >Change Password. In my case this Change PW entry is grayed out.

Right clicking the respective volume doesn't show any option to Change PW.

This is true for both, a SamsungT5 and for a WDMyPassport. What's wrong here?

Catalina 10.15.2



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Mar 17, 2010
We need to more info.

Disk Utility screen shot (with View -> Show All Devices enabled), and/or the output of diskutil apfs list in Terminal.

How were the devices encrypted?

On your actions:

It is correct that right click menu does not have Change PW.

File -> Change PW is greyed out for the boot disk or, I suspect, for a boot volume on another disk. I would expect it to be enabled for any volume (APFS or HFS+) which was created encrypted in Disk Utility.