Charges (and confirmed) its comming from phone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Tech198, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Hi all..

    I have been debuting charges with my mobile carrier, even different carrier, and in all cases, it was the iPhone sending out data without my knowledge, as if i disable 3G, then is all ok..

    I can confirm this by using a different smart-phone.

    Things i have tried to done :-

    - Restored IOS back to Factory defaults..
    - Moved all Notifications to "not in list" area, under Settings, so nothing appears when i pull down the notification area.. (on a hunch, i don't believe these could update without the notification area being shown, but i'm taking no chances.)

    - Turned off Location Services under Privacy.

    - Reset usage cellular data back to 0 to monitor usage.

    I then put the phone on desk and left it. Came back, with screen left open same afternoon and it showed data sent and received.

    So i'm wondering now, what else on the phone could there be ? no matter how small data since these all add up at end of day....
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    Dec 2, 2010
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    Things can send notifications without being in NC. Go to the notifications menu again, click on each app listed and toggle everything to off.

    Do you have push email delivered? Turn all location services off.

    Although I have to say, what good is an iPhone if you don't have notifications or use your location? Do you only get 200MB of data a month? I have 2GB a month and I have no problems staying under with notifications and using my location along with surfing web and streaming some content.

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