Charging speeds with the short 1m and the longer cable 2m.

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    I have noticed a big difference on the charging speeds with my iPad Air 2 with the short 1M and the longer cable 2M with the power adapterl

    With the short charging cable 1m it only takes about just over 3 hours from 5% to full 100%.

    And with the longer charging cable 2m it takes over 4/5 hours to charge from 5% to full 100%.

    So why with the longer charging cable 2m takes longer to charge my iPad?? I think it should be the same with the short charging cable like only 3 hours. Is it because the 2m charging cable is longer so there before it takes longer to charge my iPad with the power adapter?? Is this normal?? o_Oo_O
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    The longer cable increases the resistance thus the charging will be slower than using the short cable. Apple cables use a VERY small gauge wire for its charging cables. The internal leads inside the cable need to be twice as large in diameter to charge as quickly as the short cable.
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