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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Fiveos22, Jan 25, 2007.

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    This is something that popped up in the Slashdot forums today while they were discussing [Slashdot forums] this article on iTunes' International music selling policy [].

    Its a little biographical page about a Japanese song, "Sukiyaki", that briefly topped the American music charts. LINK [] The song is interesting, but from what I gather, its copyright has expired, and the website has a few versions of the song available for download (scroll down the page).

    I'm always a sucker for free music...and I know there are a myriad of sites out there that allow you to download music for free, but what strikes me about this is that the song is an American chart topping song. I wonder if there are other sites out there that are legally hosting chart topping music for download.

    I guess my questions are:
    1) What's the copyright status of music (end of copyright period, what makes them public domain)?
    2) Does anybody know of other chart-topping copyright free music that is available on the internets? And where is it?

    If anything I hope you enjoy the link to this song.
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    Jan 20, 2005
    Determining what is in the public domain can be complicated, particularly for works originally published outside of the United States. Here is a table showing the current state of affairs in the US.
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    It's the first time I've heard of a legal, free download of a Chart topping song. Great find!

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