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    Sep 26, 2003
    The following letter was sent to my local county offices describing how bad my experience with charter has been:


    I am contacting you because I want to let you know about the awful cable service provided for my area, Charter Communications. I have been told by Comcast that I need to contact local offices to see if they can expand Comcast to my area, and I can not understand why they haven't yet. Charter is by far the worst tv service I have ever used. I have called customer support over 30 times, and probably have atleast $100 in support call bills. I have also emailed support 40 times. And the worst part is, they don't know how to fix their problems. Ever since I ordered my service in June, nothing has been working. Basically I am paying for a service that does not work.

    When the technician came out to install the HD and bring two
    standard boxes, he said that the original technician did not know what
    he was doing, and wired the whole house wrong. The new one had to fix
    the previous guys mess. On top of that, he forgot a standard box. He
    left me without premium channels, a message on every HD channel saying
    One Moment, and without a working service. He told me to wait 20
    minutes, and then left. 6 Hours later the TV still said one moment. I
    called up charter many times and no one knew what to do. They said
    that they would send out a technician between 8-10 on the following
    day. I was not thrilled, and waited until 12:30 for the technician,
    only to call charter again to find out that they were coming on the
    30th between 12-5, when I was promised service the next day. I called
    and complained that they promised me that day and I wanted someone to
    come out. I then held for a very long time while they called dispatch
    and told me that there was no way. Thus for another night I was
    without HD, my box, or VOD. I finally got a technician to come the day
    after. He spent hours trying to figure out what to do, and said that
    there was nothing he could do. He had no idea what the problem was.
    Hours later a man was able to come over and worked on the outside. He
    fixed everything, but left a coaxial cable of 100 feet laying on the
    ground with an uncovered box of wires outside, telling us that they
    would be back in 2 weeks to bury. Now I was stuck with this
    unflattering wire outside of my house, and to make matters worse, the
    man left without bringing the standard cable box that they guy before
    had forgotten. I also then found out that the Video on Demand still did not work.

    It looks like the technicians they use aren't even from
    The company. It is very unprofessional. These men are coming with
    shirts that say like "SLI" Communications. Not charter.

    Now weeks later they finally say a man will come out to fix the On Demand. Well, without telling us someone shows up while we are not home to bury the wire, and ruins everything that is already working. They then have to come back to fix everything that they knocked out. Premium Channels, HDTY, etc. Finally they come to fix that, but leave with On Demand not working and without any guide information.

    I can not possibly believe that cobb is providing this horrible, horrible service. I am paying for something that does not work, lousy technical support, unprofessional technicians, and people who show up and change technician dates without even telling you. I still do not have a service that works. I lose signals on and off and am just so disgusted with Charter.
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    Re: [the whole post]

    Sounds like the amount of [IR]responsibility that people up here in the western areas of Maine put into their own businesses. [​IMG] You know (by now), not showing up on the date as promised more than once, not having calls returned as expected, leaving a job incomplete, having someone else deliver the wrong part so the guy you hired can't do anything about it, wait a few weeks, wash, rinse, and repeat for 9.5 months, and only then will you be set to go. [​IMG]

    Tell your professionally-challenged f***ed up service provider to stick it where the sun don't shine (if it does, then they need serious help), and order DirecTV Satellite. We've used DirecTV in New Jersey and here in Maine (after moving, of course), and we've never come close to experiencing such apathetic irresponsibility with the company. Though, their initial dish setup instructions were very poor, and once we had to pay for a card that "just expires without knowning when," but that was it in terms of serious problems (IF you even call it that).

    Of course, you could wait another forever for Comcast to bring their service to your area. [​IMG]
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    Jan 9, 2002
    Kellogg IA
    I've had good luck with dish, though they will be outsourced to a installation company as well. Typically they are installed by a local installer. My dish was misaligned when first installed, but they fixed it and issued me a credit. I now have the Dishplayer 522 aside from a few quirks(probably due to having to record 2 shows and watch one at the same time) and I am very pleased. Round here I've heard bad things about direct tv, though I think its their local installer that has the issues. I personally also prefer the Dish PVR equipment to Tivo as well. Cable for sure sucks though, specially around here.

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