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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by funrush, Dec 6, 2010.

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    I dropped my iPhone from 40 centimeters on the floor. Shattered my screen (front). Very painful and, as you can imagine, I died a little inside...

    The standard warranty doesn't cover this horrible, horrible accident. So I've decided I'll be replacing the screen myself. (I'm pretty technical and have some experience taking apart an iPhone 3G)

    My question: Where can I find the cheapest iPhone 4 LCD, digitizer, front-glass assembly?

    I think I want a original Foxconn/LG part. But i'm not sure, so my second question is: Is there a big difference between a original and a non-original screen (ips-technology, color, brightness ect.)?

    Thanks, Funrush
  2. calvy macrumors 65816

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    Don't even bother. You'll end up spending 150 bucks on parts plus hours of time and you could go to Apple and get it replaced for 50 more dollars in 30 minutes of time. And you may even get it replaced for free if you are lucky.
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    It only takes 5 minutes. Apple will replace the phone for $199. Makes a lot more sense. It's not an easy job to replace the screen anyway.
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    I live in the Netherlands, Apple works a little different here. We won't get a free iPhone when the glass breaks. Everything goes through Apple Resellers (there is no Apple store in the Netherlands, yet). That means I have to spend 200 euro's (265 dollars) and have to wait 2 weeks, MINIMUM, before I have my iPhone back.

    I've seen non-Apple screens for 80 dollars (60 euro) and replacing the screen takes about 2 hours.

    Cheapest screen I found:
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