Check Your Panties!! Your Rice Cooker May Have Been Recalled!


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Jun 16, 2008
Just a Freaky Friday gaffe from a news anchor to bring some humour and brevity to PRSI.

That is all, and enjoy!

These Local News Anchors Just Can’t Get It Together After Embarrassing Flub
The on-air gaffe you never knew you needed right now.
10/21/2016 04:20 am ET
by Rebecca Shapiro

Oh, typos... They can happen anywhere, but they do provide some much-needed entertainment when they occur on a teleprompter.

Eric Philips, the morning news anchor at NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia, was reading a story about a rice cooker recall that should have been warning viewers to check their pantries. Instead, he opened with the most bizarre of lead sentences.

“Soooo embarrassed, ” Philips said in a Twitter post.

But he seemed to take the whole event in his stride. Plus, the moment made it onto the “Today” show!

Check out the gaffe in the video.



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Jan 31, 2010
Midlife, Midwest
A builder friend of mine recently told me that built-in pantries are one of the most commonly requested features of the high-end custom homes he builds. The gold-standard is now actually to have two such spaces: One basically being a big walk-in closet for your sacks of fair-trade artisanal roasted coffee (and the sort of $900 cooking geegaws they sell at Williams Sonoma), the other being a place with marble or granite countertops for you the waitstaff to uncork wine bottles and plug in warming trays adjacent to the dining area.

On the other hand, I do have to say that a dedicated rice-cooker is one of a very limited number of kitchen gadgets I'd really say is a "must-have." Obviously, not one that bursts into flames. Cooking rice on the stove-top can be a hit-or-miss proposition (and don't get me started on the massive, and revolting, lie implicit in "Minute Rice.")

Buy a rice cooker already. Just not a skeezy one.
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