Chicago-suburbs(oak park) speedtests

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bsbuggs, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Well today i took my wifes iphone4 (JB on 4.1) and my iphone 4S and conducted side by side speedtests all around the area to determine if the 4s is REALLY worth keeping. I was hoping that the new antenna design would dramatically improve the signal capture.

    I ran 27 tests some moving some stationary using speedtests app. The result seems to support that the signal or phone is faster wit the iphone 4S. Out of the 27 tests runs the iphone 4S was faster in 17 of the tests, the 4S was slower 7 times and there were three ties.

    In all of my tests I never saw any downloads faster than 5.10--this was one time. the rest were on average in the high 2's or low threes. As supported by only (1) 5.10 and (1) 4.21, both at the same location.

    On the 17 times where the 4S was faster it was usually by 1.00 or maybe a little more sometimes and sometimes only .50 difference.

    I do have all the speedtest results saved on both phones.

    I just was hoping that there was MORE of a speed difference between the two, to help with my decision to stay with the 4s or return and wait for the 5.

    I realize the 4s was faster like 62% of the time so there is defiantly improvement with the antenna in the 4S. Again I was hoping for a better average in download speeds, again in my area most were in high 2;s or low threes.

    I cannot comment on dropped calls yet, but I can say that I havent had any since launch day! But it always seemed on my 4 that the calls only dropped on the very important calls....and I havent had any of these lately. We will see.

    And the coverage map shows Chicago as an (+) area.

    Hopefully this can help others who were wondering if the 4S was worth keeping .

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    Chicago-suburbs(oak park) speedtests

    I know... I read that one too... I think the only reason for adding it here is that the techs at Comcast don't care about anything on a site other than a 'comcast approved site' as they told me.

    Oak Park Locksmith
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    I live in Forest Park and service is very hit or miss in Oak Park. Depending on where you are determines how good your service is. Around the downtown are can get very rough at certain times.

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