Chicago's death rate amongst black children

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    How do we fix it? Can we get past the fears of being called racists/bigots so that it can be fixed? Or will another generation be lost to empty platitudes and statements? We have destroyed the family unit by providing so many services that parents of the victims and their attackers have no need to be responsible, there is always someone else to pay for this, do that, and fix that.

    So how do we fix it?
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    Education, legalization of drugs and legalization of guns is a good start. I certainly don't think anyone has been silent on the issue you mention. Or have you never heard of Jesse Jackson? He screams about it constantly.
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    Educate the women and show them that they really don't need a man in order to achieve that better life they want. Once the ladies start demanding more of the guys the guys will start to behave better. At the same time Albert's grandfather's position should not be so hastily dismissed and sneered at because it doesn't fit the writer's own prejudice towards a solution. If the youngsters feel part of something and already have a greater sense of belonging the attraction gang membership promises is lessened.
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